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Weather Radios

When severe weather occurs, it is critical to receive the earliest possible warning and to be prepared. An All Hazards Alert weather radio will alert you when severe weather or a civil emergency occurs, giving you the time you need to prepare. An emergency / crank radio is the perfect tool to have in an emergency, typically providing a weather and AM/FM radio and possibly even a flashlight. Having a radio that operates on crank power is a life saver in extended power outages.
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  • Midland WR-300 Weather Radio

  • Midland WR400 Deluxe NOAA Weather Radio w/Alarm Clock

  • Midland ER210 Compact Emergency Hand Crank Radio w/ Flashlight

  • Midland EX37VP Two Way Radio Emergency Kit

  • Midland ER310 Emergency Hand Crank Radio w/ Flashlight

  • Motorola MWR839 AM/FM Weather Alert Radio

  • Midland HH-50 Pocket Weather Alert Radio

  • Midland HH54VP SAME Handheld Weather Radio

  • Midland WR-120 Weather Radio

  • Motorola TALKABOUT T280 Two Way Radios

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10 Item(s)