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Photo Radar

Technology used by police and local governments is improving rapidly, and no longer can you just keep an eye out for police cars to avoid a ticket. More and more cities now have photo radar cameras or even red light cameras installed to ticket drivers. The solutions that we offer work by blocking your license plate numbers from the camera. If the camera can't see your license plate, you won't get a ticket! Some products work better than others, and nothing is 100% so read through these pages or call us if you have questions!

Please browse our selection of photo radar, speed camera, and red light camera defense products, listed below.

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  • Super Protector - Photo Radar Defense

  • PhotoStopper - Permanent Anti-Flash Photo Radar Defense

  • TollFree Protector - Photo Radar Defense

  • OnTrack Total Eclipse

  • Photo Blur Protector - Camera Defense

  • OnTrack IR Invisi-Plate Infrared Camera License Plate Cover

  • Veil G5 / Photo Blur Combo

  • Laser Shield - Anti-Laser License Plate Cover

Set Descending Direction


8 Item(s)