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We carry a full selection of powerful business repeaters and base stations for use in most industries and organizations from major, name brand manufacturers, including Icom, Kenwood, Ritron and Vertex Standard! Please choose from our entire line of repeaters and base stations, listed below.
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  • Icom IC-F5021-51B VHF Base Station Radio

  • Kenwood Protalk NXR-810 MPSD Digital/Analog Repeater (UHF)

  • Kenwood Protalk NXR-710 MPSD Digital/Analog Repeater (VHF)

  • Vertex VXD-R70 Digital Repeater

  • Leixen VV-898SP UHF/VHF Dual Band Mobile Backpack Two Way Radio

  • Leixen VV-898P UHF/VHF Dual Band Mobile Backpack Two Way Radio

  • Blackbox Base Station Dual Band UHF/ VHF Desktop Radio

  • Icom IC-F6121D-51B UHF Digital/Analog Base Station Radio

  • Ritron RLR-465-N 5 Watt Liberty Repeater (UHF)

  • Ritron JBS-146D Jobcom Base Station/Wireless Intercom (VHF)

  • Ritron JBS-446D Jobcom Base Station/Wireless Intercom (UHF)

  • Motorola HKHN4004A Lithium Ion Frame Kit (RPU2160 Repeater)

  • Motorola HKAE4000A Dipole Antenna (RPU2160 Repeater)

  • Motorola HKHN4003A Battery Frame Kit (RPU2160 Repeater)

  • Icom CY-6000-D UHF Repeater with Duplexer

  • Icom CY-5000-D VHF Repeater with Duplexer

  • Icom IC-F6021-51B UHF Base Station Radio

  • Motorola MOTOTRBO SLR 5700 Repeater

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18 Item(s)