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Mobile Antenna

A mount attaches to an antenna, has a cable that connects to your mobile radio, and is required for certain styles of antennas. A mount allows you the flexibility to choose how and where to place your antenna. Surface mount antennas are intended to be permanent and attach to a flat surface on a vehicle and require a hole to already exist or to be drilled. Magnetic mounts offer more flexibility, as the mount and antenna can be easily removed. The cable can be seen with this style, so it does not provide as "clean" an installation as a surface mount. Most mobile radios require a PL259 style connector. Our selection of mounts for mobile radio antennas is below.

If you have any questions about which accessory is compatible with your radio please call, email, or use our live chat button for assistance!

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Mobile Antennas

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  • Browning Stainless CB Antenna Mirror Mount w/ 18’ Cable and Stud

  • Tram Stainless Steel NMO Mirror Mount w/ UHF

  • Tram Stainless Steel NMO Mirror Mount w/ SMA Male

  • Tram Stainless Steel UHF to UHF Mirror Mount

  • Tram 1247 NMO Trunk Mount w/ 17' Cable (SMA Female / Stainless)

  • Tram 3/4" Hole Black Stainless Steel L Bracket

  • Wouxun WX-B-400 Trunk Lid Mobile Antenna Mount

  • Diamond Antenna K400CNMO Trunk Lid / Hatchback Mount

  • Nagoya RB-CLP Antenna Window Clip Mount

  • Midland MicroMobile MXTA12 Antenna Mag Mount

  • Diamond Antenna K515SNMO Luggage Rack Mount (NMO)

  • Diamond Antenna SPM/NMO Magnet Mount Mobile Antenna (NMO Mount)

Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 12 of 26 total

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