Tired of getting speeding tickets? A radar detector may be for you. Law enforcement officers use radar and laser guns to detect your speed, in order to issue tickets. A radar detector will sniff out these guns, often giving you enough time to slow down before getting a ticket.

Whistler Pro 78 SE Radar Detector


Whistler Pro 78SE

  • Great Range
  • Blue Text Display
  • Voice Alerts
  • Professional Series

Price: $159.95

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Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector (Red Display)

Great Performance

Bel Pro RX65

  • Very Highly Rated
  • Text Display
  • Voice Alerts
  • Ku Band Detection
  • Multi-Threat Display
  • Smart Cord Included

Price: $249.95

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

GPS Enhanced

Escort 9500ix

  • High Performance
  • GPS Enhanced!
  • Eliminate False Alerts
  • Speed Based Sensitivity
  • Store Speed Trap Locations
  • Multiple Threat Display
  • European Ku Band Support

Price: $449.95

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