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Audio Accessories

Browse our selection of audio accessories designed for use with radar detectors.
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  1. Escort Earphone Accessory

    This Escort auxiliary earphone accessory is perfect for the motorcyclist, or any other environment where it is typically too loud to hear your detector.
  2. Whistler Pro Series 3450 Voice Module

    Add Real Voice™ voice alerts to your Whistler Pro Series 3450 with this optional voice module! This unit simply connects to the Pro 3450 control panel, and includes a speaker that you can mount anywhere!
  3. Adaptiv TPX Bluetooth Adapter

    The Adaptiv TPX Bluetooth Adapter makes your TPX device Bluetooth capable and allows you to sync it up with Bluetooth systems. The adapter plugs into the red 3.5mm female port found in the wiring harness of both TPX Detector and TPX Laser Jammer. Compatible with Cardo Scala Rider/Schuberth, Chatterbox, Interphone, J&M, and Sena systems. The adapter also works with other audio devices (such as MP3 players) with a 3.5mm output port.
  4. Beltronics / Escort External Auxiliary Speaker

    Would you prefer an external speaker for your Escort or Bel detector? With this auxiliary speaker, you can be sure to never miss an alert!
  5. Adaptiv TPX Wireless Headset

    The Adaptiv TPX™ Wireless Headset is designed exclusively for use with The Adaptiv TPX™ Motorcycle Laser / Radar Detection System. The TPX™ Wireless Headset mounts in your helmet and communicates with the TPX™ Main Console to alert you when it receives radar and laser signals.
  6. Valentine One Remote Audio Adapter

    With the Valentine One Remote Audio Adapter, you can move V1's audio warnings anywhere you want them. This compact module has a speaker and two headphone jacks (one mini, 3.5mm; and one micro, 2.5mm). You also get remote control of all Control Knob and Lever functions including mute and computer modes; handy when you've mounted V1 out of reach. Connects with standard V1 power cords. Compact case measures 0.9-in. H x 2.5-in. W x 1.6-in. D.
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6 Item(s)