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Motorcycle Mounts

Mount your radar detector, two way radio or other electronic device on your motorcycle securely with a quality mount from Banoggle!
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  1. Techmount DoubleTop Plate Kit - 60997 (Silver)

    The Techmount DoubleTop Plate kit converts single top plate to double, offering twice the mounting surface area for carrying more than electronic device.
  2. Techmount 1 1/8" Handlebar Mount - 30998 (Silver)

    Techmount Handlebar mounts use a machined clamp designed to clamp onto round handlebars without damaging the bar. They require only 1/2" of bar space allowing for a wide range of movement and mounting angles. Mount may be mounted at any angle on handlebars. Do not mount on bend of bars.
  3. Techmount Fairing Mount - 20992-B

    Techmount 20992-B Fairing mount can be used when center stem mount is not practical or desired. The mount is attached to fairing support on the inside of the fairing using the mirror mounting studs.
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3 Item(s)