Super Protector - Photo Radar Defense

Super Protector - Photo Radar Defense


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The Super Protector is your defense against the red light camera and the speed camera. It is a cover for your license plate that makes the numbers on your license plate(s) unreadable by a photo radar or red light camera. When you view the license plate straight on, the numbers are perfectly readable, but from the angle of the speed camera or red light camera, the numbers can not be seen.

The Super Protector is designed to make your license plate numbers invisible at every angle at which a photo radar camera could be positioned. It even protects against overhead and high angle cameras. Its ultra-thin design allows it to fit into any license plate frame.

The Super Protector is proven to be effective, and is the best product available to protect you from tickets issued by speed cameras, or red light cameras.

This item fits all US and Canadian license plates. For custom sized Super Protectors, perfect for our International customers, see the "International" section below. If you state or country requires both a front and a rear license plate, you should consider purchasing two Super Protectors, one for each plate.

The Super Protector works best when held securely in place by a license plate frame. Click here to view our selection of low priced license plate frames.
Important Note
This product may not be legal in some cities or states. The buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.
International Customers
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Custom Super Protector
Do you live outside of the United States or Canada? Don't worry, we can make a custom sized Super Protector to fit any license plate!

Because license plate sizes differ across the world, you must fax or email us your license plate dimensions when you order a custom sized Super Protector. Click here for a template that will make sizing your plate easier. Because custom Super Protectors are manufactured as required, it can take up to 14 days before your order will ship.
Motorcycle? No Problem!
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Motorcycle Super Protector
Have a motorcycle? No problem! This 4" x 7" Super Protector is designed specifically for the most common size motorcycle license plate in the United States.

Have a different plate size? Just call or email us and we can have a Super Protector made for your specific plate size!
On Track Super Protector Features
  • Proven defense against all Photo-Radar, Photo-Laser and Red Light Cameras!
  • Protect your privacy!
  • Avoid a costly ticket!
  • Ultra-thin! Fits all license plate frames!
  • Installs in minutes!
  • Will not yellow!
  • Guaranteed shatterproof!
  • The all-in-one solution! Protects you from Regular, Overhead, and High angle cameras!