Time to Get a Weather Radio

While the coming of Spring means warmer and longer days, it also means we are also entering the time of year when there are a lot of storms. One of the most useful items you can have is a quality weather radio. We currently carry three great weather radios that will keep you informed of inclement weather headed your direction.

The first is the Midland WR-100B Weather Radio. This is ideal for those that only need basic storm warnings, or live in areas with only minor weather problems. Although we refer to it is a basic model it has some rather advanced features.

The WR-100B supports the Public Alert system and SAME technology (which allows you to receive weather and civil emergency alerts and warnings only for your designated area.). When a severe weather or civil emergency occurs a loud (90dB) siren will sound alerting you of danger, and a description of the alert will appear on the display. No longer do you have to monitor the NOAA weather stations yourself, the WR-100B will do it for you.

The WR-100B also acts as a normal weather radio, providing you with broadcasts from the NOAA weather service at the touch of a button. For those nice days with no threatening weather, well the WR-100B also has an alarm clock with snooze so you do not sleep in too much.

The next step up is the Midland WR-300 Weather Radio. Like the WR-100B it supports the Public Alert system and SAME technology, has a (90dB) siren, and is also a full feature weather radio. The WR-300 also has selectable alarm settings, and AM/FM radio, full calendar display, and works as an alarm clock.

In addition to the above weather radios, a good crank powered backup radio is a must for many people. The WR-100B and WR-300 both have a battery backup, but if the power is out for a long time, you will want a Midland ER102 Emergency Crank Radio.

The ER102 provides a flashlight, a digital AM/FM radio, NOAA weather alert radio, freeze warning indicator, and even a cell phone charger. The ER102 can operate from several power sources: standard AAA batteries, a plug-in AC adapter, and a built-in rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery can be charged using the AC adapter, or manually by turning the Dynamo crank.

The ER102 can provide audible and visual weather alerts. If you are in an area with a NOAA station that supports this feature, you can have the Midland ER-102 alert you (with a siren or flashing light) to a changing weather situation instead of constantly monitoring yourself.

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