March 4, 2009

The Advantages of a Digital Voice Recorder

If I think back to my school or college days, especially the classes, all I can remember is fervently taking down notes during lectures. I remember my classmates joking about the fact that whatever the instructor said was written down. Though I could write fairly fast to keep pace with the lecture, it was often quite hard to think about the lecture topics and write them down at the same time.

Even today, when I attend official meetings or conferences, I still feel the same. I considered carrying a tape recorder along, but due to the short record time and poor quality it is just not an option, and the biggest disadvantage is that I can't load the recording onto my PC. That is why I now use a digital voice recorder. Here are just some of the great features:

* The first is that with a portable digital voice recorder you can completely concentrate on the lecture or meeting without having to worry about taking down notes.

* You can download your recording directly to your computer. The ability of having it in a digital format opens up a lot of possibilities.

* There are many models of digital voice recorders, like the Olympus WS-100, which are capable of storing any type of file. In fact this particular model can even double up as a standard USB drive to transfer files from one computer to another.

* You get to choose from different recording quality modes.

* You can even adjust the playback speed, so that you can playback a recording faster to finish it in half the time and still understand it.

* Organizing the recordings using the highest quality digital voice recorder is easy with the different folders available.

* Setting up index marks, which act like bookmarks and help you return to a specific point in the recording, is also possible.

November 10, 2006

Who Needs A Voice Recorder?

If you've found our voice recorder selection while browsing our product selection, you may be asking yourself "who needs one of these?" Voice recorders, especially digital voice recorders, are convenient items to have around and they can be helpful in a number of ways. Obviously voice recorders are great for professionals, such as lawyers and executives, but below I will point out a few ways that they can help just about anyone get through their day.

In addition to these benefits, some voice recorder features make things even easier. For example, many recorders allow you to adjust the playback speed of a recording. If you playback a class lecture 50% faster, you can still understand the speaker but you finish in half the time!

How do you use your voice recorder? Let us know!


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